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Shree Devi Institute of Technology

Shree Devi Institute of Technology

The SDIT library is fully computerized thus providing the students an easy access to the gamut of books available. The library has an open access system and maintains author, title, subject and series catalogues to provide multiple accesses to the books. There are 2684 titles, 16918 books, 76 National and 76 International Journals in engineering. There are 550 titles, 2832 books, 24 National and 12 International Journals in MBA. There are 386 titles, 2323 books, 24 National and 12 International Journals in MCA. Books on Engineering, Management and Computer Application are available along with the ones prescribed by the university. About 1000 books are added each year on account of advancement in the fields of these subjects. The library also hosts books on allied subjects and general studies. To promote the reading habits in students periodicals and journals are made available in the reading room itself.
The library also provides Audio Visual facilities, a photo copying center, book bank facilities to enable information access in the simplest of ways. Books are made available in multiple copies. A good number of trained staff assist students to find relevant material and to ensure the safe handling of the books.
The library also maintains encyclopedias, dictionaries, hand books, data books, catalogues, ISI specifications and books from other streams of knowledge.
Digital Library:
• On-line access to digital Library of IEEE/ACM full portal ASME, (ELSIVIEAR) science direct etc.
• BITES (E-Library) Online Access to E-Books

Library Automation:
• Library services are computerized and automated.
• Books are issued/ returned on bar coded ID card.
• Open access system.

Circulation Section:
a well organized circular section ensures smooth circulation of the books.The library maintains a computerized account of all the borrowers, books borrowed, due date schedules and the like. Students and faculty members can also reserve books in advance. The students are expected to maintain decorum in the library when the books are issued and be physically present during the return and renewals of the books they have borrowed.

Press Clippings/ Industrial Information

Sl. No Publisher Subject E – Content
ASTM DIGITAL LIBRARY Online dictionary of Engineering Science and Technology.
E&E, ME, Civil, Metallurgical, Petroleum, Instrumentation
Over 1700 E-Book and Over 13,000 Journals Articles
J-GATE J-GATE Engineering and Technology  4700 Indexed, free full text 1700
J-GATE Management Sciences  6700 Indexed, free full text 2000
WILEY-BLACKWELL Computer Science + Data System+ Telecommunication and related Discipline  30 Journals ( Back file Access since 2000)
Allied ELSEVIER CSE, E&E, ME, Civil , Structural, Aerospace, Biomedical, Industrial, Manufacturing Ocean ,Computational, Mechanics, Safety Risk, Reliability and Quality , Computer Network and Communications, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Computational Theory and Mathematics, Computer Graphics and Computer Aided Design, Information System, Control and System Engineering and Software SCIENCE DIRECT
275 Journals (Back file Access from 2000 Onwards)
Springer Mechanical Engineering   ( 46 E-Journal)Back file Access since 1997
EBSCO Management Business Source Elite E Journal Collection ( 1802 e journals and magazines) 
IEEE, Knimbus Access Computer Engineering Computer Science+ Electrical and Electronics Engineering+ Telecommunications and related disciplines IEEE- All Society Periodicals epackage (ASPP) 145 E JOURNALS (Back file Access since 2000)
McGraw Hill, Knimbus Access General Engineering and Reference  Access Engineering Library
AICTE – Indest (Infotrack Library Collections)Gale Cengage Learning Business and Company resource centre + Gale business insight global Full text title 2482
Dline CS and IS  

News Papers:
The library subscribes to the major national dailies and regional newspapers. Newspapers are available at the reading room along with the various magazines that are placed in a different section.
Discussion Room
The library also provides for a special space where the students can hold group study, discussions, team projects and the like.
Internet Facility:
In the proximity of the library building is the internet facility within the campus.

Shree Devi Institute of Technology Shree Devi Institute of Technology

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