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Shree Devi Institute of Technology

Shree Devi Institute of Technology

I & II Semester Common for all branches
o Engineering Maths – I
o Engineering Physics
o Elements of Civil Engg. & Engineering Mechanics
o Elements of Mechanical Engg.
o Basic Electrical Engg.
o Workshop Practice
o Engg. Physics Lab
o Constitution of India & Professional Ethics

o Engineering Maths – II
o Engineering Chemistry
o Computer Concepts & C Programming
o Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
o Basic Electronics
o Computer Programming Lab
o Engg. Chemistry Lab
o Environmental Studies

o Engg. Mathematics – III
o Analog Electronic Ckts
o Logic Design
o Network Analysis
o Electronic Instrumentation
o Field Theory
o Analog Electronics Lab
o Logic Design Lab

o Engg. Mathematics – IV
o Microcontrollers
o Control Systems
o Signals & Systems
o Fundamentals of HDL
o Linear ICs & Applications
o Microcontrollers Lab
o HDL Lab

o Management and Entrepreneurship
o Digital Signal Processing
o Analog Communication
o Microwaves and Radar
o Information Theory & Coding
o Fundamentals of CMOS VLSI
o DSP Lab
o Analog Communication Lab + LIC Lab

o Digital Communication
o Microprocessors
o Microelectronics Circuits
o Antennas and Propagation
o Operating Systems
o Elective-I (Group A)
o Advanced Communication Lab
o Microprocessor Lab

Elective-I (Group A)
o Analog and Mixed Mode VLSI Design
o Satellite Communications
o Random Process
o Low Power VLSI Design
o Data Structure Using C++
o Digital System Design Using Verilog
o Virtual Instrumentation

o Computer Communication Networks
o Optical Fiber Communication
o Power Electronics
o Embedded System Design
o Elective-II (Group B)
o Elective-III (Group C)
o VLSI Lab
o Power Electronics Lab

Elective-II (Group B)
o DSP Algorithms & Architecture
o Micro and Smart Systems Technology
o Artificial Neural Network
o CAD for VLSI
o Applied Embedded System Design*
o Speech Processing

Elective-III (Group C)
o Programming in C++
o Real Time Systems
o Image Processing
o Radio Frequency Integrated Circuits
o Wavelet Transforms
o Modeling and Simulation of Data Networks

o Wireless Communication
o Digital Switching Systems
o Elective-IV (Group D)
o Elective-V (Group E)
o Project Work
o Seminar

Elective-IV (Group D)
o Distributed System
o Network Security
o Optical Networks
o High Performance Computing Networks
o Internet Engineering

Elective-V (Group E)
o Multimedia Communication
o Real Time Operating Systems
o Optical Networks

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