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Shree Devi Institute of Technology

Shree Devi Institute of Technology

I & II Semester Common for all branches
o Engineering Maths – I
o Engineering Physics
o Elements of Civil Engg. & Engineering Mechanics
o Elements of Mechanical Engg.
o Basic Electrical Engg.
o Workshop Practice
o Engg. Physics Lab
o Constitution of India & Professional Ethics
o Language (Kan.)

o Engineering Maths – II
o Engineering Chemistry
o Computer Concepts & C Programming
o Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
o Basic Electronics
o Computer Programming Lab
o Engg. Chemistry Lab
o Environmental Studies
o Language (Eng.)

o Engg. Mathematics – III
o Building Materials and Construction Technology
o Strength of Materials
o Surveying – I
o Fluid Mechanics
o Applied Engineering Geology
o Civil Engg. Material Testing Laboratory
o Surveying Practice – I

o Engg. Mathematics – IV
o Concrete Technology
o Structural Analysis
o Surveying – II
o Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines
o Building Planning & Drawing
o Surveying Practice-II Laboratory
o Applied Engineering Geology

o Management and Entrepreneurship
o Design of RCC Structural Elements
o Structural Analysis – II
o Geotechnical Engineering – I
o Hydrology and Irrigation Engineering
o Transportation Engineering
o Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery Lab.
o Computer Aided Design Lab.

o Environmental Engineering – I
o Design & Drawing of RC structures – II
o Geotechnical Engineering. – II
o Hydraulic Structures and Irrigation
o Design-Drawing
o Elective-I (Group A)
o Geotechnical Engineering. Lab
o Extensive Survey Viva Voce

• Elective-I (Group A)
o Theory of Elasticity
o Alternative Building Materials and Technologies
o Ground Improvement Techniques
o Advanced Surveying
o Ground Water Hydrology
o Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
o Traffic Engineering


o Environmental Engineering.-II
o Design of Steel Structures
o Estimation and Valuation
o Design of Pre Stressed Concrete Structures
o Elective-II (Group B)
o Elective-III (Group C)
o Environmental Engineering. Lab
o Concrete and Highway Materials Lab

• Elective-II (Group B)
o Matrix Method of Structural Analysis
o Advanced Design of RC Structures
o Design of Masonry Structures
o Earth and Earth Retaining Structures
o Highway Geometric Design
o Open Channel Hydraulics
o Solid Waste Management

• Elective-III (Group C)
o Numerical methods in Civil Engineering
o Rock Mechanics
o Pavement Materials and Construction
o Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
o Air Pollution and Control
o Wavelet Transforms
o Design and Drawing of Bridges.: * (2 Hrs of Theory + 3 Hrs of Drawing)
o Structural Dynamics

o Advanced Concrete Technology
o Design and Drawing of Steel Structures
o Elective-IV (Group D)
o Elective-V (Group E)
o Project Work
o Seminar

• Elective-IV (Group D)
o Advanced Pre-stressed Concrete Structures
o Advanced Foundation Design
o Pavement Design
o Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures
o Industrial Waste Water Treatment
o Construction Management & Engineering Economics.

• Elective-V (Group E)
o Finite Element Analysis
o Reinforced Earth Structures
o Urban Transport Planning
o Geographic Information System
o Advanced Design of Steel Structures
o Water Resources Engineering
o Environmental Impact Assessment

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