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Shree Devi Institute of Technology

Shree Devi Institute of Technology

I & II Semester Common for all branches
o Engineering Maths – I
o Engineering Physics
o Elements of Civil Engg. & Engineering Mechanics
o Elements of Mechanical Engg.
o Basic Electrical Engg.
o Workshop Practice
o Engg. Physics Lab
o Constitution of India & Professional Ethics
o Language (Kan.)

o Engineering Maths – II
o Engineering Chemistry
o Computer Concepts & C Programming
o Computer Aided Engineering Drawing
o Basic Electronics
o Computer Programming Lab
o Engg. Chemistry Lab
o Environmental Studies
o Language (Eng.)

o Engineering Mathematics-III
o Material Science and Metallurgy / Mechanical Measurement and Metrology
o Basic Thermodynamics
o Mechanics of Materials
o Manufacturing Processes
o Computer Aided Machine Drawing / Fluid Mechanics
o Metallography & Material Testing Lab / Mechanical Measurement and Metrology Lab
o Foundry & Forging Laboratory/ Machine shop

o Engg. Maths – IV
o Material Science & Metallurgy/Mechanical Measurements & Metrology
o Applied Thermodynamics
o Kinematics of Machines
o Elements of Aeronautics
o Computer Aided Machine drawing/ Fluid Mechanics
o Metallography & Material Testing Lab /Mechanical Measurements & Metrology laboratory
o Foundry & Forging lab / Machine Shop

o Management and Entrepreneurship
o Introduction to Composite Materials
o Dynamics of Machines
o Aerodynamics
o Aircraft Propulsion
o Aircraft Structures
o Aerodynamics Lab.
o Energy Conversion Lab

o Applied Gas Dynamics
o Aircraft Performance
o Aerodynamics – II
o Finite Element Analysis
o Theory of Vibrations
o Elective – I: (Group A)
o Structures Lab.
o Propulsion Laboratory

• Elective-I (Group A)
o Numerical Methods
o Aircraft Materials
o Combustion
o Reliability Engineering
o Industrial Management
o Rockets and Missiles


o Control Engineering
o Aircraft Structures – II
o Aircraft Stability and Control
o Gas Turbine / Technology
o Electives II – (Group B)
o Electives III –(Group C)
o Design, Modeling and Analysis Laboratory
o Simulation Laboratory

• Elective-II (Group B)
o Optimisation Techniques
o Computational Fluid Dynamics
o Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
o Statistical Quality Control
o Theory of plates and shells
o Nondestructive Testing
o Mechatronics and Microprocessor
o Total Quality Management

• Elective-III (Group C)
o Experimental Stress analysis
o Helicopter Dynamics
o Space Mechanics and Launch Vehicles
o Smart Materials
o Agile Manufacturing
o Robotics
o Industrial and Experimental Aerodynamics
o Micro and Smart Systems Technology

o Flight Vehicle Design
o Avionics
o Electives IV- (Group D)
o Electives V- (Group E )
o Project Work
o Seminar on Current / Topics

• Elective-IV (Group D)
o Flight Testing
o Fracture Mechanics
o Theory of Aeroelasticity
o Hydraulics and Pneumatics
o Reliability and Maintenance Engineering
o Boundary Layer Theory
o Operation Research
o Aerospace Quality Assurance

• Elective-V (Group E)
o Aircraft Safety Rules and Regulations
o Guidance and Navigation
o Management Information Systems
o Project Management
o Product Design and Manufacturing
o Artificial Intelligence
o Computer Integrated Manufacturing
o Aircraft Systems and Instrumentation

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