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Shree Devi Institute of Technology

Shree Devi Institute of Technology

o Problem Solving using C
o Discrete Mathematics & Graph Theory
o Digital Electronics and Computer Organization
o Introduction to Unix
o Introduction to Web Technologies
o C Programming Laboratory
o Unix Programming Laboratory
o Web Programming Laboratory

o Data Structures
o Object Oriented Programming using C++
o Operating Systems
o Probability, Statistics and Queuing
o Database Management Systems
o Data Structures Using C Laboratory
o Database Laboratory
o OOP with C++ Laboratory

o Computer Networks
o Programming using Java
o Software Engineering
o Computer Graphics with Open GL
o Elective-I
o Java Programming Laboratory
o CG Laboratory using Open GL
o Network Laboratory

• Elective I
o UNIX system Programming
o Advanced Topics in DBMS
o Management Information Systems
o Operations Research
o Principles of User Interface
o Design Systems Programming

o Analysis and Design of Algorithms
o Advanced Java Programming
o Advanced Web Programming
o Elective-II
o Elective-III
o ADA Laboratory
o Advanced Java Programming Lab
o Mini Project –I

• Elective II
o Advanced Computer Networks
o Data Warehousing and Data Mining
o Mobile Computing and Wireless Communications
o Software Testing and Practices
o Theory of Computation (FAFL)

• Elective III
o Cryptography & Network Security
o Network Management
o Software Architectures
o Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

o Object-Oriented Modeling and Design Patterns
o System Simulation and Modeling
o Programming using C#.NET
o Elective II
o Elective III
o Software Design Laboratory
o . Net Laboratory
o Mini Project –II

• Elective IV
o Mobile and Adhoc Sensor Networks
o Parallel Computing
o Multimedia systems
o Pattern Recognition
o Services Oriented Architecture
o Compiler Design

• Elective V
o Cloud Computing
o Web2.0 and Rich Internet Applications
o Information Retrieval and Search Engines
o Fuzzy Logic
o Computer System Performance Analysis
o Building Enterprise Applications

o Project Work

NOTE: Students have to register for one Elective from each of the Five Elective Groups (One from 3rd Semester, two from 4th Semester, 2 from 5th Semester)

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